Club/Pool Rules

As this pool is not supervised constantly it is essential that members and guests read and understand the following:

  • All members and guests must sign in at reception prior to using any of the club facilities.
  • Anyone deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs will not be granted access on that day.
  • Any possessions should be locked away at all times and not taken into the gym or poolside.
  • Any guests or members must read and sign the Personal Health Statement prior to using any gym equipment.
  • Children under the age of 16 may not use any of the gym equipment.
  • One adult (18 years or over) may accompany up to 2 children (15 years or younger) in the pool.
  • Supervison of children must be in the water at all times.
  • For hygiene purposes all guests must shower prior to entering the pool or heat treatments and between.
  • Only appropriate swimwear can be worn in the pool area which may not have been used in the gym.
  • Children 0-15 years old may not use the Sauna, Steam room or Spa.
  • Diving into any area of the pool is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of mobile phones or mobile devices on poolside is prohibited.
  • The use of balls or other games within the pool area is prohibited.
  • Water may be consumed, however no other food or drink may be consumed within the pool area.
  • Pregnant women and anyone with heart and blood pressure issues should consult their health professional prior to using the Sauna, Steam room or Spa.
  • The use of any lotions, oils or fragrances is strictly prohibited on poolside.
  • Children 8 years and over are not permitted to use the opposite sex changing rooms.
  • A full copy of the terms and conditions of club usage/ membership is also available at the club reception.